Nelson Mandela’s grandson joins Gaza flotilla, slams ‘genocide complicit’ leaders


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Chief Mandla Mandela, a member of the National Assembly of South Africa and Nelson Mandela’s grandson, has joined the Freedom Flotilla in Istanbul as the ships prepare to sail for Gaza, reports Kia Ora Gaza.

Mandela is also the ambassador for the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine.

When he met with flotilla participants yesterday, including the Kia Ora Gaza team from Aotearoa New Zealand, he said: “It was not only our efforts in South Africa that defeated the apartheid regime, but it was also efforts in every corner of the world through international solidarity of the anti-apartheid campaign.”

Chief Mandla Mandela (right) chats with Dr Adnan Ali
Chief Mandla Mandela (right) chats with Dr Adnan Ali, leader of the Kia Ora Gaza team from Aotearoa New Zealand . . . “Palestine is the greatest moral issue of our time.” Image: Kia Ora Gaza

Chief Mandla Mandela talks to the Freedom Flotilla.   Video: Freedom Flotilla/Palestine Human Rights

Mandela said that while his grandfather was incarcerated for life imprisonment on Robben Island, he drew “immense inspiration” from the Palestinian struggle.

He added that Palestine “was the greatest moral issue of our time, yet many governments choose to remain silent and look away”.

“Many have been complicit in the genocide, the ethnic cleansing, the war crimes, and crimes against humanity that have been meted out on a daily basis against our Palestinian brothers and sisters — not just the 7th of October, but for the past 76 years.”

— Chief Mandla Mandela

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