David Robie talks Rainbow Warrior to Newstalk ZB’s Total Recall


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Pacific Media Watch

While in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for the Asian Media Information and Communication (AMIC) media conference, David Robie was contacted by Newstalk ZB’s Total Recall co-host Sam Bloore for a phone interview.

Sam talked to David about the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior scandal on 10 July 1985 and his recollections as a journalist on board the environmental ship.

Dr David Robie, author of Eyes of Fire: The last voyage of the Rainbow Warrior, talks about the humanitarian voyage to the Marshall Islands and how the sabotage of the ship by French secret agents was part of a pattern of state terrorism against indigenous groups, especially Kanak pro-independence activists during the 1980s.

Rainbow Warrior photograph: (c) David Robie 1985

This is the recorded interview broadcast on Sunday, 7 July 2013, and posted with permission thanks to Newstalk ZB. 

Link to news story on Pacific Media Watch:

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