New Eyes of Fire hoped to inspire community activism


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Author David Robie and Little Island Press are soon releasing the fifth edition of the Eyes of Fire book, marking the 30th anniversary of the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior.

Dr Robie, who was a journalist on board the ship in 1985, says his focus was on the humanitarian voyage to Rongelap Atoll and the new edition will put the bombing by French secret agents on 10 July 1985 into context.

“When I thought about it and planned what to do, I thought well this is going to be quite an extraordinary thing,“ he says.

“So I planned the book right from the start.”

Publishing director at Little Island Press Tony Murrow says an innovative microsite was launched this week and it’s all about connecting communities.

“I think what we’ve seen with the 30 years that have passed since the Rainbow Warrior bombing, there’s a whole generation that doesn’t really know about this part of the Pacific, this episode in Pacific history.”

French journalist Amelie David, who is now living in Auckland, wants to find out more about what the event means to the average New Zealander.

She says older generations of French people who live in Auckland know about the ship, but in her native France, it’s a different story.

“Back in the country though I would not say it’s a big topic and it’s a big issue,” she says.

Amelie says she hopes to help educate local French communities and encourage younger generations to learn about the incident.

Reporter/Editor: Alistar Kata, contributing editor of the Pacific Media Centre’s Pacific Media Watch freedom project.

Dr David Robie, director of the Pacific Media Centre
Tony Murrow, publishing director of Little Island Press
Amelie David, French journalist

Video clip sources: Euronews, Café Pacific, Fernando Pereira, Greenpeace

(CC) Pacific Media Centre, School of Communication Studies, AUT University, Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand.

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